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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing An Outdoor Audio System

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Ensure that your audio system installation goes smoothly with these tips

Summer is almost here, and homeowners are looking for ways to prepare their backyards for entertaining. Whether you are having guests over or planning to have fun in the sun with your family, outdoor speakers are the perfect way to set the mood for any occasion. To enjoy music outside, however, your sound system must be installed correctly. Discover three mistakes homeowners make when installing an outdoor audio system in their Raleigh, NC area home.

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Using Indoor Speakers Outside

Many homeowners think that they can just bring their Bluetooth speakers outside for the day to enjoy music by the pool. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster. Indoor speakers are not built to survive the harsh conditions of the outdoors, such as rain, dust, wind, extreme temperatures, water, and dust. They are also not designed to perform well in unenclosed spaces. Indoors, four walls, a ceiling, and a floor reflect and contain sound. Outside, the area is open, meaning that outdoor speakers need an increased volume output to cover larger spaces and compete with ambient noise such as cars, wind, and nature.

Incorrect Speaker Placement

Where do you listen to music primarily in your backyard? Do you have a porch or patio that you spend most of your time on or an outdoor pool that you frequently use? Or maybe you spend your time equally among the spaces on your property and need a speaker system that can cover every area evenly. To ensure that you can hear your music where you need to, you must carefully plan out where you will place your speakers and what types of speakers work best for your space. A professional can help you develop a design that ensures that there are no areas where the volume is too loud or too soft, forcing you to turn up the volume and disturb your neighbors.

DIY Installations

The best way to ensure that your outdoor audio system is installed correctly is to work with a professional audio-video integrator throughout your project. DIY installations might seem appealing initially, but if you want a speaker system that is easy to maintain and control and will last your family for years to come, a professional installation is the way to go. Our experts will come out to your property to get a feel for the layout and make a customized plan for your audio system. Then, they will carefully install every speaker and subwoofer in the perfect locations for even and clear sound. Before they leave, they will make sure that you understand how to control your system using a remote or a smart device.

Prepare for summer by reaching out to a professional audio video consultant! Get started on your project today by calling (919) 324-3592 to make an appointment. You can also visit our website to fill out an easy online contact form for more details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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