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Ensure a Robust Home Network for Your Smart Home


The Benefits of Access Networks & Wi-Fi 6 

There was a time when the average number of connected devices in a home came to about five. Today, that number is up to 22, and there is often exponentially more in a smart home. Your home network connects the many smart devices to the central platform and each other. 

With a robust home network, you can count on a successful video conferencing call even while your kids play a video game. You and the family can stream your favorite Netflix series after dinner without buffering. 

When you head for bed and tap the ‘Good Night’ button, you know your shades will lower, the lights will dim, the doors will lock, and the alarm will arm. Pretty important stuff. So, how do you know when your home network no longer has the capacity to support your many connected devices?

Let's explore some tell-tale signs and how Access Networks and the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology can ensure reliable internet connections in Raleigh, NC.

Make Your Home More Entertaining with an Access Networks Installation

Sophisticated living room with modern decor in browns and beige with brilliant illumination.

Discover How Professional Design and Premium Hardware Offers Superior Streaming 

The smart home is a wonder designed to elevate the way you live, work, and play. Modern innovations allow you to revel in audiophile-quality music throughout your living spaces, be immersed in a home theater experience, or experience living spaces consistently set to the perfect temperature. 

Just as you wouldn’t live in a home without plumbing or electricity, a rugged, reliable, and secure data infrastructure is necessary for any modern home. Our Home Technology Association (HTA) certified team installs Access Networks products to bring you a world of information and comfort without compromise. 

Does having unlimited connectivity in your Raleigh, NC, home sound intriguing? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

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