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How a Control4 Dealer Can Simplify Your Life

wall-mounted Control4 touchscreen and living in room with couches in the background

Enjoy intuitive and hassle-free smart home control by working with expert integrators

Implementing smart home systems is no easy feat. While you may be able to add a smart light, video doorbell, or even a few surveillance cameras, it’s simply a piecemeal approach to home automation. Instead, you need a robust system that integrates everything. 

Enter Control4! It is a complete smart home system that streamlines the control of all home technologies, offering a simplified platform that acts as the central hub. But to unlock the full potential of a home control system, you need expert insight and installation from a certified Control4 dealer

Read on to discover how dedicated home technology experts can make your Raleigh, NC, home luxurious and home control more convenient.

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How Elan Home Automation Transforms Your Living Experience

a couple sitting on a sofa with an Elan control panel sitting on a kitchen counter

Create a dream space by installing an Elan system in your home

If you’re old enough, you may remember what it was like to control your TV with a remote instead of getting up to turn it on. What luxury, or so you thought! Years later, smart Wi-Fi and smart control arrived. Then, you could control light switches and other “smart” devices with your smartphone. Even today, most people use their phones to control smart technologies in their homes. The problem is . . . they aren’t all connected!

By connecting all home technologies, Elan home automation gives you a simple platform that’s not only easy to use but also acts as the central control hub. Be it indoors or outdoors, all connected technologies in your home can be adjusted with a single touch on a tablet or Elan smartphone app. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having the Elan system in your Raleigh, NC, home. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need Home Security Cameras

a hand wearing a watch installing a security camera for home

Boost the safety and security of your home with a smart surveillance system

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven where no intruders can disrupt your peace. Still, break-ins happen, but hopefully, not in your home! The best way to prevent trespassers and thieves is to install an advanced home security system. 

While other technologies, such as outdoor lighting, can add an extra layer of safety, nothing beats the control, flexibility, and power of security cameras. Read on to discover five reasons why your Raleigh, NC, residence needs a home surveillance system. 

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Why Luxury Homes Need an Outdoor Speaker System

outdoor speakers installed in the landscape of a home with green leafy bushes

Upgrade your outdoor entertainment by adding speakers throughout the yard

Outdoor audio is a popular entertainment solution among luxury homeowners. Not only does it deliver high-performance audio, but it also enhances the aesthetics of your yard. They are engineered to be unlike any ordinary speakers that are used indoors. An outdoor speaker system delivers a uniform sound and high quality throughout open areas. In addition, since they are designed for use in exteriors, they can handle extreme temperatures and changing weather conditions, making them highly durable. 

Curious about the perks of these world-class installations in your Raleigh, NC, home? Read on to discover more!

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Create a More Secure Space with Home Camera Systems

A security camera installed in the outdoor area of a home

Check in on family even when you're away with home surveillance cameras

What are you doing to ensure the safety of your property and family? While there are many different home security components, surveillance cameras are a crucial part that must be added to any system. Today's security cameras are more advanced and offer better video quality and automation features to keep your home safe. Moreover, you can even get insurance discounts when you have high-quality security systems in your home. 

Read on to discover the top benefits of adding home camera systems to your Raleigh, NC, residence. 

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How Lutron Home Lighting Automation Transforms Your Home

Kitchen with bar, sink, and three windows behind it. Overlooking a city scape.

Make your home more energy-efficient and secure with a smart lighting system

Add more light, comfort, and safety to your home by upgrading to a smart lighting system. Lutron is one of the leading brands that offer the best lighting control solutions for residential spaces. Not only can you easily automate your home's lighting system using a Lutron app or tablet, but smart lighting helps reduce your home's energy consumption.

Consider it a “green solution” befitting your luxury smart home. Read on to discover how home lighting automation makes your home in Raleigh, NC, a greener, safer, and more luxurious place to live.

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Top 4 Reasons to Work with a Home Automation Company


Transform Your Home into a Luxurious Living Space by Hiring a Leading Smart Home Integrator

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the past. Today, most homeowners are looking for ready-made automated spaces – homes where they can control lights, shades, entertainment, and other technologies via a smart mobile device. But instead of searching for the perfect smart home on the market, why not upgrade your current one? Adding a home automation system is seamless when you depend on Synergy Integrated Systems.

Our leading smart home installation company can add the perfect smart technology, so you can enjoy convenient control in your Raleigh, NC, home.  Read on to find out the top four reasons you need to work with our home automation company.

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