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A High-End Speaker System Transforms Your Home Theater

A casual home theater with a large screen, pool table, and surround sound speaker set up.

Experience the Ultimate Surround Sound Technology with THX Certified Speakers

As premier home theater design and installation experts serving Raleigh, NC, we’re often asked about the best high-end speaker system for home theaters. While we partner with many high-fidelity brands to ensure our clients the best solution for their unique property and desired experience, a few stand out from the rest. 

One of those brands is Monitor Audio. This British company has delivered superior solutions for surround sound (today’s standard in home theater audio) for over 50 years. 

Here, we’ll explore the essential elements of home theater audio and the unique features found in this exceptional brand.

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The Advancements in Home Theater Audio

While the stunning images created by the latest native 4K HDR home theater projectors are a critical part of creating the sense of realism that immerses you in the experience, the sound draws you in. The whispers and gentle breezes amidst the howling winds and explosive action tell the emotional story. As George Lucas said, “Sound is half the picture.” 

Today, Dolby Atmos surround sound is the standard for home theaters. This object-based audio lets sound technicians treat sound as an object, placing it in a 3D sound field. Now, every sound, from a helicopter hovering to a child screaming, is in a specific location and can move through this 3D space, running upstairs or careening around the corner.

With a Dolby Atmos-enabled AVR, we can tell your receiver how many speakers you have, the type, and their location. A sophisticated processor then determines in real time which speaker it needs to use to create the detailed, specific sound that helps you suspend your disbelief as if what you're watching is real. 

One of the keys to this level of audio is the strategic placement of overhead and high-end loudspeakers. 

Monitor Audio for the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

In 2022, Monitor Audio unveiled Cinergy, a THX-certified premium cinema audio system. Only those speakers with uncompromising performance and quality receive this certification. In other words, these speakers produce extremely accurate sounds as the artist and director intended. 

This system can disappear into your home theater by integrating into walls; loudspeakers can be placed around the theater. You experience the pinnacle of movie sound without distraction, matching the experience in movie theaters. The system includes three full-range speakers and a subwoofer, creating a sound you can feel and hear. Every component is designed to make movies come to life, from the RDT II drivers to the MPD high-frequency transducer. 

Add Monitor Audio’s in-ceiling or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, and you experience the ultimate home audio

Uniquely Customized

Many details go into determining the ideal speaker system for your home theater, including ceiling heights and how you’ll use your space. Some clients want a designated home theater designed for an immersive cinematic experience. Others want more flexibility, a multi-purpose room for video games, sporting events, gathering with friends, and movie nights with the family.


At Synergy Integrated Systems, each home theater is custom designed, ensuring the perfect solution for your vision, property, and budget. To learn more about the many options in high-end speaker systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today. 

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