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Surveillance Camera Installation Company – Choose Synergy!

surveillance camera installationWhether wanting to protect your loved one’s while sleeping, or, your property while you are traveling, home surveillance systems provide homeowners with peace of mind. A surveillance camera installation company will understand the best cameras on the market and how to professionally install the entire system for optimal supervision. At Synergy Integrated Systems, our home surveillance experts will guide you through the entire process and ensure you have a system you feel safe with at your home. Do not wait any longer for this important security feature. Call us today at 919-324-3592 to schedule a free consultation.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Surveillance Systems

Today’s technology provides homeowners plenty of surveillance camera options. There are two major types of surveillance camera solutions:

  1. Internet Protocol Cameras (IP Cameras)
  2. Analog Cameras

Just like any technology both have pros and cons. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of camera.

IP Cameras

This type of digital video camera is similar to a webcam, as it transmits and receives data over a home network or the internet.

Below are the biggest advantages of IP cameras:

  • Numerous sensors
  • Easy installation process
  • Highest resolution

On the other hand, two common disadvantages of IP cameras are a more expensive installation cost and their large resolution files take up more digital storage.

Analog Cameras

Unlike IP cameras, analog cameras send their recordings to a digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR then converts the analog video to digital video and stores it directly on the equipment until it is transferred elsewhere.

Here are the common benefits of analog cameras:

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to operate
  • High definition (HD) available

In contrast, the two most frequent shortcomings of analog cameras are more cables to install and manage and lower frame rate and image quality.

At Synergy, we offer IP and analog video surveillance solutions to our clients. We will discuss your needs and budget in our consultation and help point you to the best surveillance system for your home.

Home Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you understand the basic types of cameras available for today’s surveillance systems, we want to dive into questions we commonly hear in regards to this service. If you still have questions, give us a call at 919-324-3592 and we would be happy to set up a free consultation to answer any other queries you still have.

What equipment do you need for a video surveillance system?

We are proud to say we only install high-grade video surveillance equipment and typically work with the following brands:

Each brand is among the best in digital surveillance equipment. During your consultation, we will listen to your home surveillance needs and recommend the camera that works best for those demands.

Where do you mount home surveillance cameras?

At Synergy, we offer direction on the best places to mount your cameras. A few factors to consider in camera placement:

  • Visibility
  • Lighting
  • Entrance access

Overall, you want to place cameras in areas where a break-in might occur. Likewise, it’s crucial to have good lighting for optimal footage and a direct line of visibility to the entrance access.

How much does it cost to install surveillance cameras?

A professional surveillance camera installation company does not have one set price for this service. It varies on many factors, which include:

  • Type of cameras – IP vs. Analog
  • Brand of equipment
  • Installation time

These are only some of the variables that factor into a surveillance system installation price. We will discuss these during your consultation. Our goal is to provide you with options that fit your budget and provide you with the video security you are looking for in a surveillance system.

Synergy Offers Complete Home Security Options

If you are looking for more comprehensive security at home to protect your family, then some of our other services to consider are:

Smart lighting provides an extra level of security. Imagine never returning to a dark or poorly lit home again. Or, automating your lights to turn on even when you are not home so no one knows you are gone. These are only some of the security features smart lighting provides homeowners.

A security system will signal you to a burglary and alert the authorities to the fact that you need their help. It is among the best ways to detect a threat in your house. We work with to provide a variety of home security devices for any need or budget.

Lastly, a reliable home network is vital in ensuring your digital equipment stays connected. For example, IP cameras need it to digitally send and receive the video it captures. It is also crucial for any automation services you might want as part of your whole home protection systems.

Synergy is the Surveillance Camera Installation Company You Are Searching for in Raleigh!

Our goal is to help our customers feel safe both in their homes and when they are away from home. We want nothing more than for you to have peace of mind in today’s chaotic world. Our expert surveillance systems teams will skillfully guide you from consultation to installation. Do not wait any longer to protect your loved ones and home. Call us today at 919-324-3592 to get started.

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home theater music systemIf you’re searching for a superior home theater music system, then you likely already understand the importance of sound. Especially, this is true in a home theater. Whether in the form of music, the whisper of a breeze, laughter, or sorrow expressed on screen, audio is key to creating the best home theater setup. With superior audio in place, these sounds encompass us and submerge us into the cinematic experience. 

Truly, Plato explains our obsession with sound best:

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”

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Smart Home Installation Provides Numerous Benefits

smart home installationIn today’s technology-driven society, it is no surprise that smart homes are increasing in popularity. Consumer Technology Association recently ran a survey that reported 69% of U.S. households own a minimum of one smart device. Smart homes sparked the interest of many people in movies and TV shows for decades, but it took a while before it became a reality. The sky is the limit for the possibilities of what a smart home can achieve today. Additionally, a smart home installation has numerous benefits to homeowners. (more…)

Major Factors for Creating Perfect Home Theater Rooms

theater roomsBetween skyrocketing theater ticket prices and currently unsafe mass gathering environments, more people are transitioning to watching movies at home. They are taking advantage of various On Demand and streaming services. Home theater rooms allow people to enjoy the big screen experience in the comfort and safety of their own house. (more…)

Get Safety and Convenience with Home Automation Lights

Installing home automation lights, audio, and other systems are some of the easiest ways to upgrade your home. A smart home doesn’t just look cool; it is also safe, convenient and energy-efficient. Here at Synergy Integrated Systems, we can install home automation that makes sense for your specific needs. Lighting control is a simple way to start. (more…)