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How Home Automation Systems Can Take Your Home to the Next Level

With the number of electronic devices in most modern homes, it can be almost impossible to keep up. What if you could control them all through one simple interface? That’s the power of home automation systems — sleek, integrated home electronics management. Synergy Integrated Systems can put that power in your hands!

What can we do for your home? Read on to find out.

Why Automate Your Home?

Today’s fully-equipped home likely has some or all of the following:

  • One or more sound systems
  • Two or more televisions
  • A security system and electronic locks
  • Several dozen lights and lamps
  • HVAC systems and a thermostat
  • Media storage systems
  • Sub-floor heating

These devices can be a headache when separately controlled. Synergy creates powerful home automation systems through a variety of state-of-the-art technologies. With home automation, it’s all at your fingertips with the push of a few buttons.

What Do Home Automation Systems Do?

In many ways, your home isn’t truly “smart” until it’s fully automated. Some of the major benefits of home automation include:

  • Many automation systems offer “scenes” that create an ambience from multiple devices. Your “Bedtime” scene, for example, might set a milder thermostat temperature, soft lighting, and some calming music or white noise. All with the push of one control button!
  • A good automation system can offer smart security. For example, many systems allow automation of light patterns while you’re on vacation to give the appearance that you’re at home.
  • Automated media systems are perfect for movie nights or game days. Control your ideal sound, lighting, and picture levels from your favorite smart device.
  • True home automation allows the atmosphere of your home to become a creative extension of yourself. It’s the ultimate tool for homemaking, decorating, family time and entertaining.

We created Synergy Integrated Systems to give Triangle homeowners the smart homes they deserve. Every day, we’re committed to doing just that.

Why Synergy is the Triangle’s Premier Name in Home Automation

If you’re like many Americans, your home is among your greatest treasures. Smart electronic devices are a key part of what makes your home a place you love. So, don’t trust it to anyone less than the best:

  • Synergy is an official dealer of top home automation brands such as Crestron and Elan. These brands are industry leaders who choose to work with us because of our reputation for excellence.
  • The Home Technology Association has certified Synergy as an organization with outstanding expertise, reputation, and transparency. This honor requires years of successful performance, professional endorsements, and clean code that’s available to the client.
  • Our professional coders create all of our code in-house, from the ground up. Every client gets a copy of their system’s source code for their peace of mind.
  • We hire no subcontractors and do all of our own work, which we stand behind 100%.
  • Our full range of services includes home theatercustom lighting, and much more.

For a more detailed look at what we can do for your home, check out our photo gallery and our customer testimonials.

From the thermostat to your security to your favorite ultra-HD TV, we can tie it all together. Take your home to the next level. Call 919-324-3592 or contact us online for a free quote and consultation! 

Luxury Home Theater Systems – Finding the Best Design and Hardware Options

Finding the best luxury home theater systems is a fun, yet sometimes daunting task. Initially, it helps to simply browse ideas and then start thinking about what best fits your lifestyle. Primarily, you need to understand what options exist. Included in those are sound selections, projector preferences, seating and lighting. Then, determine how to narrow them down and best implement your plan.

Designing Luxury Home Theater Systems

So, what is a true custom home theater room? Obviously, it’s a small theater-like room with a screen built inside your home. In the end, it’s so much more than that. Keep in mind, one of the key words is custom. In searching for luxury home theater systems that provide the best experience possible, customized cohesive design is imperative. By cohesive, we mean several things.

First, the design of your high-end home theater needs to blend within your existing structure. This matters for several reasons. Foremost, it must be structurally adaptable to safely fit within your home. Moreover, an addition that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the house aids in increasing resale value.

Additionally, the ability to customize means the design flows around both your needs and your wants. For example, think about the experience that you wish to have. Are you looking for a cozy, more personal environment? Or, do you like to entertain large groups? Possibly, your needs fit somewhere in-between.

Furthermore, and here’s where the fun part comes to play, do you have a theme? Perhaps, you want to focus on favorites. This could be a favorite team, movie, book or even song. When selecting seating, lighting and colors, this theme should come into play so that everything meshes visually.

High-End Home Theater Hardware

If you don’t have an overall design strategy yet, don’t worry. There are other factors to consider that may help. Plus, Synergy Integrated Systems can aid as you figure out the intricacies and fine tune the details. We utilize many providers, including Crestron, that have multiple options in video, sound and lighting. From screen to audio selections and seating to digital touch screens, we will help you create the best experience possible.

Some aspects to consider include:


Surround sound is one of the most popular options for audio in high-end home theater designs. Synergy has a wide array of options to suit your needs. We are authorized dealers of Marantz, Sony, Denon and Integra receivers.  Choose from many speaker brand lines including Monitor Audio, Origin Accoustics, Triad, Crestron, Episode, and more.


Since the display in your home theater is typically the largest in your home, a two-piece design is best. Combining a screen with a projector delivers the premium resolution possible. No longer is 1080P the best that you can get; Ultra-High Definition has 4 times that. Likewise, consider lens shift which readjusts automatically to show all pictures properly. Choose a quality projector from Sony or Epson. Screen options include Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen and Dragon Fly.


Ever noticed your eyes overworking when the lighting on-screen changes dramatically? Not only is it irritating, it can be tiring to your muscles. Notably, ambient light prevents eye fatigue. Hence, developing a lighting strategy aids the comfort of all viewers. Additionally, creative lighting sets the perfect ambiance for your in-home movie screening.

Use the Best to Have the Best

Ultimately, you need the best partner on your project to get the best results. Synergy Integrated Systems proudly serves homeowners in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. More importantly, we are fully bonded, insured and BBB-accredited. Our customer service is unparalleled – our technicians are available to support your equipment. This is one of the reasons you choose a local company – to know that they are there when you need them.

We’d love to meet with you and provide a free consultation. Contact us or call at 919-324-3592.

For Home Theater Installation Near Me with High-Performance Features – Contact Synergy!

When you’re evaluating options for home theater installation, your goals should guide your decisions. Maybe you want a media room re-design to get the most out of your new 4K TV and sound system. Or, maybe you want a genuine movie theater in your home! There are almost as many businesses that perform home theater installation near me as there are home theater options.

However, for true pro-quality results, it’s important to choose an installer that understands how to bring together each element. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we take pride in connecting and integrating all of the best options under one roof. Ideally, every system in your home theater should work toward the same end: to maximize entertainment, value, and convenience! We leverage our expertise to make sure they do just that.

What You Need to Create a Top-Flight Home Theater Room

There’s no one right way to do home theater. Some clients simply want a professional hand with upgrading their lighting or sound system. With Synergy’s unmatched selection and fast, friendly service, it’s quick and easy to improve your media experience!

However, for true custom home theater, we recommend a room with the following features:

  • No windows. Glare on your screen is one issue you don’t want to deal with.
  • Rectangular-shaped room with no unusual alcoves or cutouts. This allows the sound to project directly at you for the most immersive experience.
  • Acoustic treatments from top brands like Kinetics to control the flow of sound.
  • A floor that can accommodate your preferred seating plan. Also, combine that with high-performance seating from an industry leader like Salamander or Octane.

Our home theater design service will work with you at every step to ensure the results you want. From lighting to sound, we’ll custom-build every aspect of your system and integrate them into a truly enjoyable media experience.

How We Create an All-in-One Solution for Home Theater Installation Near Me

How does Synergy create the high-performance, feature-rich home theater we’re famous for? Here are a few factors that set us apart from the competition:

  • Integrated Vision: The focus of our work is on creating an immersive experience. To that end, we hire designers and programmers who excel at seeing the big picture. We create customized systems where each element works together to blow you away every time you turn on your system!
  • Fixed Estimates: We provide detailed estimates up-front and don’t charge hourly rates. Our technicians work until you’re satisfied with your system.
  • In-House Expertise: Synergy does not outsource programming or design work to subcontractors. Our home theater experts do it all!
  • Customer Service: The client’s satisfaction is our #1 priority on every job. We’re BBB-accredited and fully bonded and insured. What’s more, we offer expanded customer support hours, including late nights and weekends.
  • Fully Custom Open Source: All of our programming work is custom-built specifically for your needs. Plus, we provide a free copy of the basic code so that any qualified contractor can work on your system.

What Are the Typical Costs of a Home Theater System?

We do a customized, ground-up build for each client. Thus, our prices will be different for almost every installation. However, here are some factors that influence cost:

  • Whether you already own equipment and need installation, or are purchasing new equipment from us
  • The number of different audio and visual devices you want us to connect or install
  • Number of rooms the installation covers
  • Automation features you want, such as automatic light dimming or tablet/phone controls

To get your free, detailed quote from Synergy, contact us today!

You Imagine. We Build.

Do you want clearer? Sharper? Louder? More immersive? And do you want to have them all at once, in an all-in-one integrated package? If that sounds like the home theater system of your dreams, Synergy Integrated Systems can make them come true! We offer the home theater installation near me that integrates audio, video, lighting, and more to create a best-in-class experience. Today, call us at 919-324-3592 for a free consultation or quote!

Trust Home Theater Installation Cary NC to Synergy for the Best Theater Experience

Pretty much everyone enjoys the immersion of a story coming to life right in front of their eyes. Ever since photographs were set into magical motion, we anticipate the next tale to witness. For just a few moments, we get to absorb ourselves into another world. Generally, we visit the theater to benefit from this amazing art of storytelling. However, this isn’t always the most relaxing way to do it. Crowds, inconvenient scheduling and comfort issues may diminish your opportunity to completely enjoy the experience that you wish to have. Therefore, consider home theater installation Cary NC to incorporate the sight and sound of theater into your home.

How to Create the Best Audio and Visual Experience for Your Home

During your search for home theater installation Cary NC to enhance your home, picture yourself simply watching a movie. Although, it’s often fun to enjoy a flick from your couch, imagine how much better it could be. For instance, lounging in a home theater surrounded by sound booming from state-of-art audio systems is a good starting point.

Then, think about the overall ambiance. What kind of feel would you like your theater to have? For example, lighting plays a major part in this picture. Synergy Integrated Systems installs integrated shading and lighting controls as well. Therefore, with the touch of a button, you can create the perfect scene. It’s almost as if you’re in your own movie!

Next, consider the most important aspects, sound and sight. As authorized dealers of Integra, Denon ad Marantz, we can help you find the best audio match. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of projector options. Or, opt for a screen from Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen or Dragon Fly. Don’t worry if that part seems a bit overwhelming. After all, that why we’re here. Not only do we handle the audio selection, wiring installation, and placement, but we help you choose the best products.

Best Home Theater Installation Cary NC Options

From what products to choose to who to install it, you have several choices to make. Ultimately, the most exciting part is selecting the overall look of your home theater. Extra Space has some good ideas to get your brainstorming in motion. Or, check out our gallery of projects. A few things to consider:

  • Seating ranges from stadium-style armchairs to simpler arrangements of couches and chairs.
  • Design of the theater should flow with the architecture of existing space.
  • Themes are popular often nodding to the modern cinema experience with curtains, popcorn machines and special carpeting.
  • Home theaters are great for gaming as well so consider that during the planning and wiring process.
  • Enhance ease-of-use with full automation of your systems. Synergy Integrated Systems can put all controls within arm’s reach.

Finally, you need to find the best home theater installation Cary NC that places you into the moment you envision. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be the Triangle’s premier custom integrator.

Furthermore, we are fully bonded and insured. Moreover, we don’t outsource any of our work. Combine that with person-to-person trouble shooting available nearly any time, and you may understand why our customers are so happy. In fact, they often say it the best. Consider Michael’s kind 5-Star Google review.

They deserve Five Stars with their expertise and professionalism. Not only did they show patience in solving problems, but they were prompt. Furthermore, they were upfront with ideas to benefit their client. I will definitely be recommending them and utilizing their expertise again.”

Today, contact us for a free consultation. If you would like to visit our showroom, just give us a call and we can schedule your time: 919-324-3592.

Home Audio Raleigh – Find the Best Installation and Automation Service

home audio RaleighAs you search for the best home audio Raleigh installers have to offer, consider your expectations. For example, are you looking for an enhancement in one area? Or, are you looking for a solution to fill your home with vibrant sound? Perhaps you wish for something in between. Either way, Synergy Integrated Systems has the expertise to meet those expectations. Better yet, we’re not here to tell you what you want. Ultimately, our goal is to listen to your needs and wants. Then, we provide services that best suit you, your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

How to Tune in to the Best Home Audio Raleigh Offers

Since you’re already searching for home audio Raleigh expertise, let’s start narrowing down your needs. For instance, where do you usually listen to music? Obviously, the car is a common answer. In a recent Nielsen study, 25% of the population agrees with that conclusion. Moreover, an equal amount of 15% each listen at work or while doing chores.

Since the latter two involve work-related endeavors, think about how you wish to experience your free time as well. If you enjoy cooking, fill the kitchen with your favorite motivational tunes. If reading is your thing, soft jazz or a little classical set your brain to relax in tandem. Or, maybe you just want surround sound to float throughout your home. Whatever fits best, change the mood with the press of a button.

Understand What You Need

So, we’ve been asking tons of questions, let’s now consider solutions. Once you have figured out what you want, think about your options to best get it. Services to contemplate are:

Media Servers – merge and store all of your music within a simple streaming system.

Audio Distribution Systems – access multiple sources of audio in each zone of your home.

Speakers – choose from a wide array of specially designed speakers to surround yourself with sound.

If you aren’t completely familiar with the above, don’t worry. We are here to guide you through the process. Basically, we incorporate these services to provide complete automation of your audio needs. With the touch of a button, in any room that you wish, you will have access to music.

Who Provides Premium Installation?

To answer this final query, rely on several factors. First, choosing a company with audio and video wiring installation experience is imperative. After all, it can be a complicated process. Customers often search to experience the best. Therefore, research BBB ratings and customer reviews. For instance, Synergy Integrated Systems has an A+ rating. Likewise, read Bill’s glowing 5-Star Google review.

“I talked to 3 different companies about my TV, Stereo, and internet needs. Specifically, we discussed integrating them seamlessly throughout our home. Since Synergy was highly recommended, we selected them. I could not be happier. They did a terrific job and provided advice on my needs. Moreover, they did not oversell me on technology. Plus, the quality of the install was great and they were price-competitive. Most importantly, everything worked as advertised and the ease of use was beyond simple. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with Synergy.”

Second, select a contractor that combines services. By this, we mean choosing a company that provides not just installation but also full automation of every system. Simply installing speakers, may not fulfill what you really desire. Although, a media server is great, having only that may not give you all the options available for your enjoyment. In fact, the appropriate solution is a company able to install wiring, recommend hardware and program everything for your lifestyle.

Third, think ahead. What if you need a change made in your system? To promote healthy competition, Synergy Integrated Systems happily provides non-compiled code to each customer. Ultimately, this means that you have options for repairs and enhancements down the road.

Finally, local experience matters for several reasons. Foremost, Synergy Integrated Systems understands local codes and NC installation rules and regulations. If you decide to expand your surround sound systems, having a company nearby is critical. Additionally, a local company wants satisfied customers who will recommend them to friends and family. They are hoping for a favorable review after providing excellent service.

Contact Synergy Integrated Systems

Before you give us a call, feel free to browse through our gallery of projects. It’s a great way to spark ideas and help you get a better feel for what you want. Keep in mind, we can wire audio inside and out. So, let your imagination wander to all your favorite spots at your home!

Today, contact us for your free consultation!

Amazing Home Theater Raleigh — Ready to Start Your Install Today!

home theater RaleighFor many homeowners, adding a custom home theater room is the ultimate dream. Many home theater Raleigh area installers claim to make that dream come true. Unfortunately, homeowners often have to deal with opaque business practices and sub-standard quality of work from these operators. We founded Synergy Integrated Systems to show our clients that better is possible!

Basics of a Great Installation Service

Does the setup you want require a specialized home theater design and installation service? If you’re serious about a true home theater experience, the answer is probably yes! Professional home theater Raleigh specialists like Synergy have what it takes to create truly immersive systems:

  • Design Services: From placement of surround sound speakers to lighting to seating, our design specialists will help create your ideal experience.
  • Construction Expertise: Home theater installs also require solid knowledge of home improvement and building. For example, your media room will need insulation, not only to provide comfortable temperatures, but to improve sound quality.
  • Great Selection: Getting the best results requires the best equipment. Therefore, whether it’s lightingprojectors, or surround sound speakers, we carry the best around.
  • True Integration: Synergy Integrated Systems isn’t just a name. We offer full integration of home media and automation systems!
  • Transparent Software: We gladly provide the source code for your new system. Thus, you are not a hostage to one company for future upgrades or changes.

Why Synergy is the Home Theater Raleigh Installer to Trust

Christopher writes on Google Reviews: “Called on a Friday and they were able to come and install the following Monday. Despite a challenging install they came thru on time and under budget. Great bunch of folks and very professional. Would do business with them again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!”

Over and over again, we hear from our clients that we outperformed what they thought was possible. We do it by always sticking to our core principles, which require us to go above and beyond:

  • Ready When You Are: At Synergy, we believe in prompt and attentive customer service, especially when our competitors are off the clock. Our team offers night and weekend hours for both over-the-phone and in-person troubleshooting.
  • Intricate Installs: We specialize in the tough installation jobs. That’s because we write all of our own code and install our own hardware, with no subcontractors. Our quality control and attention to detail allows us to tackle unique and challenging situations.
  • No Surprises: We bill by project, not by hourly rates. We’ll work until we get it just the way you want it!
  • Tailored to You: You won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions here. Every Synergy system starts with a client consultation and then we design and build from the ground up!

The custom home theater system of your dreams might seem far off, but it’s not! Today, call Synergy at 919-446-4007 or contact us online. We’ll get you started with a free quote!

Home Security Raleigh that Does More than Just Protect Your Home

home security RaleighObviously, when you initially think about home security, you are usually considering keeping your home and family safe. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we dedicate ourselves to that cause using cutting-edge technology from our partners, Furthermore, our expert licensed security installers provide only the top services in the Triangle. Moreover, we also understand that there are other reasons that you need home security Raleigh for your dwelling.

Why You Need Home Security Raleigh for More than Just Theft Protection

There are additional scenarios that require home security Raleigh help. For example, what if something out of the ordinary occurs at your home? With technology, your home’s unique patterns become familiar within in its systems. For example, if a door opens at an odd hour, your system will recognize this and send you an alert. You can choose to receive this information as a text, email or push notification.

Additionally, unique user codes allow you to monitor who is arming or disarming your system. This is a great way to keep track of children who may be entering the home while you are at work. Or, you can monitor other individuals who may be accessing your home to complete work, etc. Either way, it’s an incredibly useful feature to stay abreast of activity occurring in your absence.

Also, the security panel sends extreme weather alerts. And, you can speak directly to dispatchers in emergent situations via a 2-way voice link. Better yet, utilizes licensed central monitoring stations so that you can count on help whenever you need it!

Choose Cutting Edge Technology with DSC and 2GIG

With multiple plans to fit your needs, Synergy Integrated Systems keeps you one step ahead in securing your home. Therefore, not only are our custom-designed systems available for pre-wired homes, but we offer wireless solutions for existing homes without wiring. Of course, we also have full-service pre-wire packages for new homes as well.

So, thanks to our partnership with, we offer cutting-edge technology from the leaders in electronic security, DSC and 2GIG. The easily upgradable DSC has many benefits including:

  • Most reliable security hardware on the market
  • Devices capable of hard-wired connectivity
  • Full wireless systems available for retro-fit situations
  • Money-saving options
  • Systems easily programmable from keypad rather than intensive computer programming

Likewise, there are many reasons that 2GIG is the #1 largest installed base for home security, including:

  • Most innovative and interactive security company on the market
  • Complete systems available with 3G, Wi-Fi and DVR capabilities
  • Z-Wave Alliance member
  • Keypads have up to 7” color, touch-screen display
  • Built-in Z-Wave home control
  • Users can control all rooms in home with press of a button

Not only do our monthly plans fit your needs, we have multiple options to fit your budget as well. Today, contact us for a free consultation!

Certified Smart Home Technology Expertise for Triangle Homeowners

smart home technologyAs smart home technology increases in popularity, it’s easier than ever to find an installer. But ironically, as the technology’s sophistication increases, it’s harder to find one who’s truly qualified. In fact, that’s why the Home Technology Association offers its seal of approval to a select few. More importantly, they are the leading industry trade group. Thus, their approval makes it easy to find the best installers in your area.

Synergy Integrated Systems, the Research Triangle’s leading smart home installer, is proud to have earned HTA certification. We value our clients’ satisfaction above all, because no marketing is as powerful as a job well done. Moreover, that’s why we work with the HTA to give our clients the maximum assurance that they’re in good hands.

What Does it Take to Become HTA-Certified?

The process to become HTA-certified includes a stringent list of requirements. Here, we are listing just a few of many:

  • A sterling record of technical expertise and customer service
  • Endorsements from notable industry professionals, including manufacturers and designers
  • 3+ years of successful performance by the ownership and management team
  • Systems built using clean and transparent code that is available to the client
  • Exceptional community reputation

The HTA’s own mission statement sums it up thus: “We are dedicated to sharing data and expertise with homeowners and design/build professionals so that they can partner with a great company for their project.” Therefore, for homeowners, there’s nothing more comforting and valuable than knowing their technology installers are the best in the business.

The Triangle’s Smart Home Technology Experts

Adding smart home technology means you’ll want the latest options and the most accomplished installers. Synergy Integrated Systems offers both — and more!

  • An industry-leading selection of home entertainment brands with options for the latest Ultra HD and Dolby Surround technology.
  • Complete end-to-end home theater and automation services, from design to installation to maintenance.
  • Integration with home security and surveillance systems for your family’s protection.
  • Outdoor living options to make sure the outside of your home is just as perfect as the inside.
  • Completely in-house design, programming, and building, with no outsourcing to contractors. And, we do all our own work so that we can stand behind it without hesitation.

Today, begin designing your custom smart home automation system. Call Synergy at 919-324-3592 or contact us online. A home with smarter, more integrated systems benefits everyone. As a result, the family spends more time together enjoying the entertainment, ease of changing the climate, lighting and sound all while feeling safe.

The Home Security Systems Durham NC Residents Trust –

home security systems Durham NCOne of the worst feelings is finding that thieves have entered your home and stolen personal property. Synergy Integrated Systems understands this and works hard to provide the best in home security systems. We are an official licensed security system installer, with experienced professionals offering quality products and services in the Triangle. In fact, we deliver the exceptional home security systems Durham NC residents need and want. By teaming up with quality partners,, DSC and 2GIG, we always have the perfect system for your home.

Benefits of using is a security system platform that provides smarter home and business security through innovative technology. The benefits of using this platform are numerous!

  • Reliable connection – To protect you from all types of emergencies, uses a tamper-resistant cellular connection. This is dedicated only to your security system.
  • Made specifically for your security system – You should never share your cellular connection with entertainment and home automation systems.’s cellular connection only works for your security system. Which in turn, communicates with’s cloud.
  • Can’t be cut – The cellular connection used by is not a physical one. Consequently, there is no accidental or intentional way of cutting it.
  • Power outage doesn’t affect it – So, in the case of power outages, you do not have to worry about your security system. Their control panels feature 24-hour battery back-up.
  • Offers smarter locks – This locking technology allows users to control door locks and garage doors even when away from home. Also, each user can have their own code. Of course, smart locks offer multiple benefits of their own.


For electronic security, DSC is the leader! We offer innovative control panels, top-of-the-line IP alarm-monitoring products and contemporary self-contained wireless panels. Their security solutions are of the highest quality. Moreover, we are easy to install, easy to use, and easily upgradeable. Best of all, DSC products pair perfectly with technology.


For the number one company of home security bases & control systems, look no further than 2GIG. We earned this title when we designed and produced their color touchscreen GC3 and GC2 panels. Additionally, their high-tech features include color touchscreen, cellular radio, two-way voice and ability to control other systems and appliances. These panels also connect to sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, and z-wave automation.

Home Security Systems Durham NC by Synergy Integrated Systems

Synergy Integrated Systems is a local company that provides reliable results. Another advantage is the comfort of working with the same core team on your custom security system solution. With Synergy Integrated Systems you will receive ideal customer service and fixed price estimates. Never worry about hidden fees and charges or sub-contractors doing the installation.

Since burglars enter over 3.7 million homes each year, you don’t want to become part of this statistic. It is time to protect you home and family with a quality security system. Therefore, contact Synergy Integrated Systems for all home security systems Durham NC residents need.

Elan Security plus Alarm Systems Protect Your Home

Elan securityInstances of home burglaries are now over 3.7 million each year in the U.S. It is vital to protect your home and family. Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to say they offer the top home protection brands available today. Elan security is one of the best options when it comes to combining home automation and security benefits.

How Does Elan Security Help?

Elan is the top leader in home automation and control. Their technology and devices are state-of-the-art. The security element on the Elan system is easy, smart and convenient. Moreover, it integrates home security systems into a single interface.

With the Elan system you can manage your home’s lighting, door and window locks, and check garage doors. Most importantly, it will turn on security systems. Thanks to remote access you can now activate and disarm systems with the ease of a mobile smart device. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world!

This system helps you feel more at ease about your kids being at home by themselves. The system can check on them and alert you of their comings and goings. Furthermore, it allows you to turn on outdoor lights if you or the kids are getting in late. If the smoke alarm goes off, the Elan system acts immediately. It turns off your HVAC components to prevent the spread of smoke. Moreover, it will alert 911 and activate lights that will lead your family safely out of the house.

Alarms Brands that Pair with Elan

Synergy Integrated Systems works with high-end alarm brands that you can trust. Their security systems integrate easily with the Elan home automation system.

DSC – This brand offers leading-edge technology in electronic security. Furthermore, they have years of experience to back up this technology. In fact, they pride themselves in their design to keep this high-tech system simple to operate. It is easy to install, use and upgrade!

2GIG – Due to their revolutionary color touchscreen panels, 2GIG is now the largest installed base for home security and control systems! They also offer the most reliable communication options; no landline needed. In addition, the central station can listen in and talk to the homeowner. 2GIG connects to other systems of your home, such as lighting, appliances, HVAC and the internet.

How Can Synergy Integrated Systems Help you?

Synergy Integrated Systems is the leading official licensed security installer in the Triangle area. They offer multiple styles and brands of alarm systems. And, these are the top brands in the business! With home break-ins happening about seven times every minute, they want to make sure you are in the best hands.

So, if you are interested in Elan security benefits, then Synergy Integrated Systems is the installation company to trust. Today, contact them for more information about how they can help keep your home safe.