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A Day in the Life with Home Automation

A luxury kitchen equipped with smart lighting and whole-home audio

Experience True Luxury with an Automated Home

Elevate your lifestyle by turning your Raleigh, NC, home into a liveable and lovable smart home! Today’s advanced technologies streamline daily tasks, and home automation allows the connected devices in your rooms to adapt to your routine. An automation platform like Control4 integrates all your technology, so you can control them with a tap of your finger or program them to operate automatically! Here’s a glimpse of what a day in the life could look like in an automated smart home.

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Just imagine this! When it’s time to wake up, your motorized shades open, and your lighting system slowly turns on with warm yellow lights like you’re waking up to the sun. Your favorite playlist plays through your whole-home audio system to help you wake up and prepare for the day. Your home’s temperature is set to your perfect comfort temperature, so you are perfectly relaxed as you prepare for the day ahead.

Your lights brighten as you head to the kitchen to make breakfast and drink coffee. This makes your kitchen feel welcome and boosts your productivity for the day. Listen or watch the news through your premium AV setup too.

Leave for the Office or Work from Home

When you leave for the day, set your home on your “Away” setting. This turns off all lights, closes your shades, and reduces the home’s temperature to preserve energy. While you’re away, check your home’s surveillance throughout the day and interact with delivery drivers and other people who come to your doorstep with your video doorbell.

If you work from home, the lights in your home office adjust for optimum productivity. Easily work, call, video conference, and more with high-speed internet that keeps you connected and focused without a problem.

Return Home

Your home is ready to greet you at the end of the day. The temperature returns to your comfort temperature, and your lights change to warm yellows to help you wind down. Listen to music or podcasts while you cook dinner. Set the dining room in a dimmed glow that allows your family to relax and catch up over a delicious meal.


Before you go to bed, have a drink on your patio while you listen to music or watch your favorite TV show in your media room. The lights continue to dim and warm to help your body boost melatonin so that you’re able to prepare for a restful night. As you go to bed, your lights shut off, window treatments close, and your security system arms your house. Rest easy with the peace of mind that your home is safe and ready for another day tomorrow.

A home automation system lifts the burden of managing your home and makes your space a place of comfort and relaxation. Contact Synergy Integrated Systems if you’re ready to turn your house in Raleigh, NC, into a smart home. We offer many solutions to turn your house into the home of your dreams.

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