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Create Better Living Environments with Smart Home Solutions

A wall-mounted Control4 touchscreen with a bedroom in the background and a wall-mounted TV screen.

Discover How the Right Automation System Adds Luxury and Convenience

Technology is an ever-increasing part of our lives - from refrigerators with instant views of the inside to virtual concierges that anticipate your every desire. While the number of over-the-counter IoT continues to grow, the offerings lack a way to coordinate the disparate systems. 

As a premier provider of smart home solutions, Synergy Integrated Systems knows there is a better way to bring convenience and luxury to your lifestyle. Our HTA (Home Technology Association) certified team crafts a smart ecosystem to create environments that inspire and enhance the way you live, work, and play. 

Are you curious about adding personalized luxury to your Raleigh, NC, home? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

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Complete Home Control 

A home automation system should not only be readily accessible but configurable to the way you live. Imagine using the sound of your voice or the touch of a button to seamlessly access thousands of available devices. That’s what happens when you have a smart home system like Control4 or ELAN in your home. All technologies are integrated into one easy-to-use system. 

Become Enlightened 

Home lighting is often looked at for its practical uses, such as a way to lead you through the dark. However, research shows that light dramatically impacts your general well-being and emotional happiness. Smart illumination controls offer a more holistic approach, working in concert with natural sunlight and bringing balance to circadian rhythms. 

A home tuned to you begins the day with soft colors as the motorized shades gently rise to stir you from your sleep. Then, as the morning moves to daytime, the fixtures transform, matching and accenting the sun's natural light, giving you more vigor and energy. Finally, as night falls, the lights transition to warm colors, triggering your brain to prepare for bed. 

Inspiring Entertainment 

Music and movies are essential to your daily routines and satisfaction. The content inspires creativity, entertains guests, or puts some step into dinner prep. A well-designed system makes it simple to play the music you want, where you want it, indoors and out. 

Access an unlimited music library via intuitive interfaces with features that music lovers and audiophiles alike appreciate. Search for the songs you love or new material that inspires by artist, song title, genre, album art, and playlists. 

Of course, when you invest in a whole-home audio system, you want the source that feeds it to play the highest quality files. We install systems that natively play FLAC and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) formats from your curated collection or platforms like TIDAL, Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Deezer, and more. 

A Home Attuned to You

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we are dedicated to providing living environments that enhance and elevate your luxury lifestyle. Are you looking to build a home attuned to your needs and desires? Start the conversation by calling us at (919) 324-3592 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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