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The Importance of a Strong Home Network

A homeowner using his computer to connect to his home network

Stay Connected Throughout Your Home  

Access to the internet is essential, no matter where you are. A modern home practically runs on the internet, allowing homeowners to work from home, stream entertainment, and more. In addition, smart home technology allows homeowners to control their homes easily, but that is only possible through a solid internet connection. Keep reading to learn more about home networking and why Wi-Fi 6 is the best for your Raleigh, NC, home.

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What Is a Home Network?

A home network is the hub that connects all of the technologies in your home to the internet and to each other. Since automation and integration is the key to any smart home, your smart devices, such as motorized shades, lighting control, and security systems, will require a connection to the internet. You may think, “Doesn’t my home automation platform do all of this?” Yes and no. It provides a way for you to control your systems, but many of your smart devices need wireless or wired home network connections.

Your home’s technologies, smart home platform, and network work together to create a cohesive system. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your home network is properly installed and running smoothly.

Reliable Internet

A smart home system can take up a lot of bandwidth, so you need an internet network that will support your smart devices while providing fast internet speeds on your computers, tablets, and phones. At the same time, you need a router that can handle multiple wireless devices at once. That’s why Wi-Fi 6 is the best internet solution for homeowners.

Wi-Fi 6 from Access Networks has taken a giant leap from previous Wi-Fi technology, supporting faster-than-ever speeds and demand. Whether you’re working from home, streaming, gaming, or browsing, Wi-Fi 6 can support it all. This superior network was created to handle the demands of various Wi-Fi devices, including smart devices, computers, phones, and more. Your smart home will continue to operate seamlessly while you enjoy high-speed internet on your devices throughout your home. 

Additionally, Wi-Fi 6 can eliminate interference from other networks in the area. This is perfect for homes that are close together, such as condos or neighborhoods.

Professional Installation

A professional technology and smart home company can provide you with the strong, fast, secure connection you need. Experts can install an advanced Wi-Fi 6 router and then place wireless access points around the home to ensure a strong connection throughout your property. We can also run diagnostic testing and address issues remotely. As a result, you’ll be able to keep your smart home running smoothly with no interruptions, thanks to Wi-Fi 6 technology.

The best way to set your home and smart system up for success is to work with a professional. Synergy Integrated Systems has years of experience providing homeowners with a reliable network that keeps their devices connected. Contact us today for all your home networking needs!

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