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Best Practices for Security Camera Installation

A security camera installed correctly can capture suspicious activity outside your home.

Where to Install Cameras and Other Helpful Tips

There are many reasons our customers choose to install security cameras around their homes. Some may believe that security cameras can help deter criminals from breaking and entering. Yet, others may appreciate the convenience of checking in on package deliveries, pets, children arriving home from school, or service providers throughout the day. 

Security cameras provide excellent value for homeowners by protecting their property from crime and providing additional convenience and peace of mind. But, if not correctly installed, you may not get the full security benefits in your Raleigh, NC, home. That’s why it’s best to turn to professionals like the team at Synergy Integrated Systems for consultation and guidance.

Continue reading to learn some of our helpful tips for security camera installation.

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Camera Placements

When choosing the locations for security cameras, we assess which areas provide the most expansive viewing ranges. All homes are constructed differently, so there aren’t always “typical” placements. However, we’ll look for the most vulnerable high-traffic areas and start there.

  • Doors - placing exterior cameras above all entries into your home is ideal because many break-ins use a front or back door.
  • Driveway - placing an exterior camera above your garage can help see suspicious people as they approach your home. In some instances, a burglar may try to enter through the garage.
  • Interiors - consider placing interior cameras near off-street windows, common areas, valuables, and stairways. These are all places where burglars may venture.

Camera Angles

Adjusting camera angles is just as important as where you place the cameras. For example, it doesn’t help if you install a camera near the front door but have it angled to capture traffic across the street. To ensure we have the proper camera angles, we will test all cameras and ensure they capture the most area possible. In some instances, we may need to adjust the camera height to capture valuable footage.

Camera Height

As much as possible, you should have cameras installed out of reach so they can’t be easily knocked down or damaged. This means exterior cameras could be as high as a second-story level, while interior cameras should be near the ceiling. 

Wireless Signals

Installing wireless cameras is much easier than wiring them; however, we’re always concerned with signal strength in these situations. You must have a strong and reliable signal to capture and send footage to your devices. Without a quality internet connection, the camera could stop working or provide low-quality footage that isn’t helpful. Synergy Integrated Systems can recommend improvements to your wireless signal to enhance your security camera service.

If you want to learn about security camera installation or products, please contact us for more information. We are your go-to home security resource in the Raleigh, NC, area and would love to help you choose and install quality products that protect your home and family.

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