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Ensure a Robust Home Network for Your Smart Home


The Benefits of Access Networks & Wi-Fi 6 

There was a time when the average number of connected devices in a home came to about five. Today, that number is up to 22, and there is often exponentially more in a smart home. Your home network connects the many smart devices to the central platform and each other. 

With a robust home network, you can count on a successful video conferencing call even while your kids play a video game. You and the family can stream your favorite Netflix series after dinner without buffering. 

When you head for bed and tap the ‘Good Night’ button, you know your shades will lower, the lights will dim, the doors will lock, and the alarm will arm. Pretty important stuff. So, how do you know when your home network no longer has the capacity to support your many connected devices?

Let's explore some tell-tale signs and how Access Networks and the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology can ensure reliable internet connections in Raleigh, NC.

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Signs Suggesting Your Home Network Needs an Upgrade

Slow speeds are among the first signs your home network is bogged down. Your documents take longer to download, and you stare at the browser waiting for web pages to appear. It happens so insidiously that a slow and unreliable network becomes the norm, and you forget what daily life was like before bandwidth hogs clogged the system. Streaming video, online gaming, and video conferencing are a few of the many bandwidth hogs.

You may also notice that the connections randomly drop when you head to the backyard with your laptop or take the tablet to the upstairs bedroom. Fortunately, there is a way to extend your internet signal and blanket your home with reliable coverage

Wi-Fi 6 & Access Networks

You may have heard of Wi-Fi 6. It’s the current generation wireless standard and officially arrived at the end of 2019. Today, most hardware is Wi-Fi 6 enabled. It's a substantial upgrade developed to improve bandwidth and decrease network latency. While Wi-Fi 6 is faster than its predecessor, its real benefit comes from improving the network when many devices are connected simultaneously while also extending the battery life in mobile devices.

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we partner with Access Networks, the leading provider of advanced, enterprise-grade home networking solutions for smart homes. Their Wi-Fi 6 access points let us extend your home network's reach while creating a faster and more robust home networking solution. 

The patented BeamFlex+ technology adjusts the Wi-Fi beam hundreds of times each second, ensuring the best connections and performance no matter where you are in the home. The smart adaptive antennas also mitigate interference, extending the range while ensuring reliable coverage. 

No more buffering, dropped connections, or slow downloads. Now, everyone can enjoy their connected devices at any time, day or night, throughout the entire home and out into your expansive outdoor areas. 

Are you ready to explore the possibilities in today’s Wi-Fi 6 world with a system designed for smart homes? To learn more about creating a robust home network or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today.

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