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Get Ready for the Warmer Months with High-End Outdoor Speakers

Two different types of Coastal Source outdoor speakers against green foliage in a backyard.

Coastal Source Provides Entertainment in Rain or Shine

There’s no need to keep the fun and entertainment cooped up inside your home’s interiors! Extend well past your Raleigh, NC home’s backdoor and bring your favorite media to your backyard and patio area. Liven up a backyard cookout, tailgate, or movie night under the stars with high-end outdoor audio that transforms any occasion. 

But top-tier audio throughout your outdoor spaces requires the proper solutions! Outdoor speakers from Coastal Source can create the ultimate surround sound experience in your own backyard.

Keep reading below to learn more about the endless benefits and features of this outdoor audio setup.

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Outdoor Speakers Built to Last

So, what makes outdoor speakers stand apart from their indoor counterparts? You can’t simply bring indoor speakers out onto your patio and expect them to perform optimally as they would inside. Outdoor speakers from a leading brand like Coastal Source are built to endure whatever the outdoor environment has to throw at them—and perform just as seamlessly the next day!

Harsh storms such as rain, hail, and snow won’t impact your speakers’ performance, and neither will intense temperatures on either end of the spectrum. But while Coastal Source speakers are designed with durable materials, you won’t see this “toughness” reflected in their appearance. Your outdoor speakers can blend in seamlessly with the surrounding foliage and backyard decor— not making a scene but providing crystal-clear surround sound across your entire premises.

Let Our Team Create a Centralized System

Make installing outdoor audio effortless! With our team of experts working on your installation, you won’t have to worry about properly calibrating and implementing the speakers and audio solutions throughout your yard. We’ll bring a cohesive and centralized outdoor sound system together that’s accessible and reliable.

The same smart device you use to manage your indoor media can crossover into your backyard entertainment. Adjust your speakers’ volume, turn them on and off completely, or browse your media library and select a new song or playlist with ease! One tap of a button can elevate your next movie night, dance party, or even a relaxing moment spent by the pool or garden. Put on ambient noise or background music, or even catch up on a podcast or audiobook as you please!


Ready to enhance your outdoor entertainment with high-end speakers? Give our team at Synergy Integrated Systems a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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