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Build Your Outdoor Oasis with These Outdoor Entertainment Solutions

A beautiful outdoor space lit with Coastal Source lighting.

Check Out These Outdoor Technologies and See How They Can Enhance Your Home

This summer, turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis perfect for spending relaxing evenings outdoors or throwing parties and cookouts for your family and friends. Outdoor entertainment can turn the outdoor space of your Raleigh, NC, home into a premium spot for hosting or spending time with your family. Check out these outdoor technologies designed to create a haven right in your own backyard.

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Outdoor Audio

Coastal Source is a premier producer of outdoor speakers that are perfect for any backyard or patio, offering durable speakers that can bring performance-quality outdoor audio to your patio or backyard in any weather. Choose from speakers like the Ellipse Bollard and the Modulus Bullet to create a distributed sound system outdoors. 

The Ellipse Bollard is a rounded speaker that can be installed above or in-ground, depending on your space, needs, and preferences. They work great as loudspeakers on your patio or can be installed right into your landscaping around your outdoor space for a discreet sound. The Modulus Bullet speakers are much smaller and help deliver high-fidelity sound to a specified area. They also blend into the background, delivering sound you can hear but can’t see. Top your system off with a subwoofer to provide smooth lows and earth-trembling bass for a sound experience unlike any other.

Outdoor TVs

Don’t stop at outdoor audio—create a full outdoor AV system by pairing it with an outdoor TV. Séura has two types of outdoor TVs: one for shaded areas and one for sunny spaces. These TVs are encased in a durable exterior that protects them from extreme temperatures and keeps out rain. Install your TV onto the wall on the patio, or get a stand to be able to move it around your space. Your outdoor speaker system can integrate with the TV to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor cinema experience.

Landscape Lighting

You can’t set up for your outdoor movie night in a pitch-black yard. Add some landscape lighting to draw attention to your beautiful landscaping, add some light to the space, and increase security. In addition to speakers, Coastal Source offers a variety of landscape lighting fixtures and solutions that can be installed around your space. Not only will they make it safer outdoors, but they’ll also highlight the beauty of your home. 

Outdoor entertainment turns the backyard of your Raleigh, NC, home into a haven of entertainment. You can take your favorite music and movies outside as you enjoy them on your outdoor AV system. And no matter what the weather does, you can rest assured they’ll be ready for you next time you want to spend some time outside.

If you want to learn about Coastal Source, Seura, or other outdoor AV solutions, contact Synergy Integrated Systems. We offer a wide range of outdoor entertainment solutions and can help you choose the system that works best for you. 

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