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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

A house with outdoor lighting.

Function, Style, and Brightness Can All Weigh into Your Decision

Homeowners choose to install outdoor lighting for various reasons, including security, to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes at night, and to extend their outdoor entertainment possibilities well into the evening. But no matter the reason for choosing to install outdoor lighting in your Raleigh, NC, home, it’s essential that the type of lighting you choose will be able to meet your specific needs.

Continue reading to learn more about the types of outdoor lighting fixtures and factors to consider when choosing the right lighting for your home.

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Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are several considerations when choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures for your home, and almost as many kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures. The following is a sample of them:

  • Wall-mounted fixtures are attached to the walls of your home and are used to provide general lighting for your outdoor spaces. These spaces would include near entryways or porches.
  • Post lights are mounted on stakes and installed in the ground. Homeowners use these fixtures to provide accent lighting around driveways, walkways, or paths.
  • Landscape lighting can add drama or focus attention on certain outdoor features. The landscape lighting category includes spotlights, well lights, and path lights. These lights can highlight features like trees, plants, and statues.
  • Floodlights are large, powerful fixtures that provide wide-angle lighting for large outdoor areas. Homeowners commonly use these lights near driveways, sheds, and backyards.

Factors to Weigh

When comparing options for outdoor lighting, there are some things to consider. One that might be at the top of your mind is durability—how will your outdoor lighting fixtures fare against storms, in snow, or when a heat wave hits? 

You’ll be glad to know that we partner with Coastal Source for all of our outdoor lighting products. Coastal Source is an industry leader in exterior lighting, with products made out of solid brass for extreme durability against all types of weather. Brass doesn’t rust or corrode, so you can be worry-free when the next storm rolls in. 

Other factors you might be considering—like their function, style, and energy efficiency—can be best addressed when consulting with one of our experts here at Synergy Integrated.


Outdoor lighting can be sensitive to certain factors, especially natural elements like weather and temperature. For these reasons, it’s best to turn to a licensed professional trained in the correct wiring and electrical procedures for assistance with installation. In addition, they will recommend how to position the lighting best to maximize effectiveness and minimize glare. Having the lights routinely inspected and cleaned will also be essential to ensure they have a long and useful life.


There are many factors to consider when choosing outdoor lighting solutions for your Raleigh, NC, home. Turn to the experts in outdoor lighting for the best guidance and a safe installation. Contact us for more information about our outdoor lighting solutions and services.

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