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The Right Outdoor Lighting Design Creates an Enchanting Space for Evening Gatherings


Transform Your Landscape and Outdoor Areas with Coastal Lighting Solutions

Our outdoor spaces have become extensions of our homes—places to relax with friends and family or spend time replenishing our souls. This return to outdoor living has renewed a focus on outdoor lighting design.

Outdoor lights are no longer devices we switch on to see in the dark. Instead, today’s lighting transforms our outdoor spaces, creating shades, shadows, moonbeams, and starlight. As a result, our windows in the evenings have become paintings that resemble an enchanted forest or a relaxing retreat.

To accomplish this, Synergy Integrated Systems partners with industry leaders in lighting design and home automation. One of these brands is Coastal Source. Let’s explore what our certified technicians and designers can create at your Raleigh, NC, home with the help of Coastal Source outdoor lighting.

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The Right Light for Every Occasion

Coastal Source offers numerous fixtures that are ideal for creating different lighting effects on your property. Here are just a few of the many options that enable us to create the best customized outdoor layered lighting design for our clients.

  1. FLEX Niche Lights

Impressively flexible and tiny, micro lighting fixtures deliver a high-powered, focused light that comes from a small and easy-to-conceal source. This type of lighting is ideal for key architectural elements, water features, and landscape. We also use Coastal Source niche lights for downlighting and shadowing effects and places where discrete lighting is required.

  1. Hanging Lights

Create beautiful downlighting with hanging lights. By placing them high in the trees, light filters down and casts an illumination that resembles moonlight. They also work well on overhead trellises and gazebos.

  1. Well Lights

Ideal for both safety and subtle illumination, well lights lay in the ground and illuminate very tall objects from their in-ground position. This lighting is perfect for architectural elements like columns, arches, and around garages for extra security.

  1. Wash Lights

These lights offer unparalleled light uniformity, throwing a wash of light over the pavement, along a trail, or through the foliage – lighting the way or casting intriguing shadows.

  1. Tiki Torches

For those with a love of firelight and tropical locations, Coastal Source’s Tiki Torches create a resort-like feel with the safety of LED bulbs. Standing 72-inches tall, they deliver an elegant backdrop around your pool, entertainment space, and pathways.

We install many other Coastal Source fixtures, including nose, tree, step, lip, bullet, match, and path lights. In addition, our lighting designers can help you determine if standard or LED lighting is the best solution for your unique setting and situation. Today’s LED lighting offers varying color temperatures that enable our designers and integrators to utilize just the right hue and illumination for each setting and function.

Coastal Source lights are also made entirely of brass, from the elegant fixture to the nuts and bolts. These lights are designed for durability and weather any element, from rain to saltwater, snow, ice, heat, and dirt. They stand by their product with a complete system warranty.

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we customize the latest technology to help our clients elevate their lifestyles and thoroughly enjoy their homes. When combined with smart home automation, you can control your indoor and outdoor lighting, shades, climate, entertainment, security, and more from one user-friendly interface. To learn more about outdoor lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today.

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