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Did You Know Synergy Also Does Landscape Lighting?

A stone pathway in a backyard lit by landscape lighting.

Why a Smart Home Company Should Install Your Outdoor Lighting 

You can typically tell when a home’s outdoor lighting is professionally installed. You’ll see a display of lighting techniques that accentuate the architecture and landscaping, lighting up the house like a city landmark. And if you notice a house with incredible landscape lighting in the Raleigh, NC area, it may have been installed by Synergy Integrated Systems. 

Our company is known for installing home automation and audio-video systems, but we also install high-end outdoor lighting. Read on to see why it’s wise to partner with a smart home company for outdoor lighting—and how we can integrate your lighting with smart home solutions

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We Use Only the Best Fixtures 

We’re partners with Coastal Source, the outdoor lighting and audio manufacturer known for its high-end, ultra-weatherproof outdoor fixtures. Coastal Source can’t be bought at the store or ordered online—they’re only available through certified dealers like ourselves. 

What makes Coastal Source so special? Their fixtures are built with solid brass and are completely sealed from moisture, rust, corrosion, debris, and insects. Coastal Source’s patented plug-and-twist connector cabling system is airtight and waterproof, so your landscape lights will perform through all weather conditions. 

Plus, Coastal Source’s outdoor lights are designed with multiple O-ring barriers that prevent dirt, dust, and bugs from infiltrating the bulb. The bulb’s convex glass design dispels water and debris, so dirt won’t accumulate on the lens. 

We Know Lighting Design 

Lighting design is all about the human experience. It’s a science and an art form, and our company knows how to install lighting systems with design in mind. 

Landscape lighting isn’t just about running wires—it’s about elevating your home’s appearance while expanding your outdoor living spaces and improving security. You’ll spend more time outdoors after dark than ever, and when you pull into the driveway, you’ll feel a sense of pride gazing at your house. 

We Incorporate Smart Lighting Control 

As a home technology integrator, one of our primary services is installing smart home systems that control everything from audio to security to lighting control. Outdoor lighting can also be integrated into a home control system, allowing you to remotely control landscape lights, create schedules, and sync lights with window shades, cameras, alarms, and even outdoor speakers. 

Plus, our favorite Coastal Source fixtures are now compatible with Ketra smart lights—arguably the most sophisticated smart bulbs on the market. The Modulus Bullet Light pairs with Ketra S30 lamps, allowing you to control the color and brightness of landscape lights from your phone. So whether that’s cozy lighting for a night on the patio or spooky colors for Halloween, you can play with colors and save settings to activate anytime. 

Ready for Landscape Lighting? 

Or other smart home solutions? Contact Synergy Integrated Systems to discuss your home’s project and to get started today! 


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