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Elevate Your Entertainment With Elan Home Automation


Discover How The Premier Name in Smart Home Technology Brightens Your Day and Inspires Your Evenings

Movies, shows, and music are essential elements in our lives; they entertain, provoke thought, and move us in ways we often don't expect. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day, cheer on your team, or find inspiration, Elan home automation enhances the way you watch and listen.

You want the luxury and convenience of watching movies and shows in any room. Rather than having multiple devices cluttering up your rooms or restarting a show when you move from the bedroom, you need a simple, straightforward solution.

Are you looking to enjoy your content anywhere in your Raleigh, NC home with one easy control? Read more below to discover how we can make it happen for you.

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Any Media, Anywhere

Elan's media distribution allows you to deliver 4K ultra-high-definition video and audiophile-level audio over a network with a simple category cable. Now, you no longer need 'miles' of expensive bundled thick copper cable to enjoy the finest content from around the world.

Whether you are looking to outfit a new build or retrofit an existing home, the process is more straightforward and less labor-intensive. Because the content is pushed over standard IP-based network switching, you get a more stable signal with less equipment.

Less Clutter, More Watching

Rather than requiring you to install multiple devices such as a cable box, Blu-ray player, or streaming dongles in each room, an Elan system centralizes it all. All of your sources can now be located in a rack, hidden away from view, and accessed through the intuitive touch screen controllers, mobile app, or your voice.

Are you hosting a party on game day? With the touch of a button, send video to the back deck, the den, and, of course, the kitchen. Everyone can enjoy the action on the screen from the comfort of the room they choose with a volume level appropriate for the space.

Network Know-How

While Elan provides hardware and controllers that provide unparalleled ease of use, you need a robust and reliable network to deliver it all. Keeping this vital backbone of your home continually running at peak performance requires detailed design, planning, and installation.

Our team at Synergy Integrated Systems has the expertise and experience to exceed your expectations. Whether you are streaming full 4K ultra-high-definition video, whole-home audio distribution, or live gaming, our home network solutions give you the power to enjoy it all without worry.  

A More Entertaining Home

Your house is a place of refuge from the tumults of the outside world. Why not make it more entertaining and comforting? Call us at (919) 324-3592 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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