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Bring Breathtaking Music and Surround Sound to Your Outdoor Areas


Discover the Latest Outdoor Audio Systems

Today’s whole-home audio systems offer an incredible experience with high-fidelity music drifting through your home with the touch of a button or voice command. Walk into your home and press the ‘Relax’ button on a keypad. Your favorite playlist fills the air as you head to the bedroom to change before walking outside to the spa. 

That same high-performance music follows you into your outdoor area, filling the space with perfectly even coverage from corner to corner. As you melt into the hot water, the music engulfs you, soothing your cares away as surely as the spa’s jets. 

Today’s outdoor audio systems are far more than one-directional speakers. From concert-quality, powerful audio to music coming from speakers blending in seamlessly with your landscape, they bring an immersive musical experience that enhances any outdoor activity.

Let’s explore what these systems offer homeowners in Raleigh, NC.

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The Difference in a Professional Outdoor Audio System

Our AV experts at Synergy Integrated Systems explore how you’ll use your outdoor audio. Everyone uses the system to bring their favorite music to parties, outdoor dining, and moments spent relaxing. But you can also use it to achieve surround sound for your outdoor TV setup, bringing sporting events and movie nights to a new level. 

Additionally, some outdoor spaces are divided into areas. There may be a garden area, a retreat-like meditation space, a lounging area by the pool, and a fireplace and patio. We’ll design and install an outdoor audio system that provides separate zones for these distinct spaces. Then, one group can watch baseball on the patio while another hangs out by the pool enjoying their favorite tunes, and someone else streams mediations.  

Different Speaker Setups

One popular outdoor audio system consists of satellite landscape speakers hidden throughout your foliage. Through strategic placement, you experience stunning audio that is crystal-clear and detailed. We direct this all-encompassing soundfield toward your home and away from your neighbors, ensuring evenly distributed, optimal coverage. Buried subwoofers provide the low-end bass, the heartbeat of your audio.

Another system that offers a balanced sound that rivals the audio at outdoor concerts comes from the leading bollard speaker manufacturers. This best-in-class high-performance outdoor audio system delivers music as the artist intended, unrivaled high-fidelity sound. 

We’ll explore the many options and how you’ll use your system, ultimately creating the best solution for your property and lifestyle.

The Complete Package

Some clients just want outdoor audio, a sound system that enhances life’s many outdoor activities. Others want a whole-home audio system that brings breathtaking music throughout the home and into their outdoor spaces. And there are those who want the whole enchilada—an outdoor entertainment system with the latest outdoor TVs and beautiful landscape lighting that extends gatherings long past sunset.

These systems are managed from a high-resolution touchscreen or smartphone app. Select your music source from top streaming services, your digital collection, or a turntable and the area you want to enjoy it. The result is outdoor music at its finest.

To learn more about the many outdoor audio systems and which one may be right for your needs, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today. 

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