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Home Automation Makes Everyday Easier and More Enjoyable

A modern home with an open floor plan and in-ceiling speakers.

Explore a Day in the Life of Smart Home Living

What does it mean to live in a smart home managed by home automation? Does it mean your smoothie’s made when you head to the kitchen, and the towel rack and water are already warm when you take your morning shower? Maybe. No two families live the same way, which means your Raleigh, NC, smart home could be much different than your neighbor’s down the street. 

But, is it? This level of customization requires extensive programming and understanding of the many different devices and wiring. Even more important? It requires listening. Only after gaining a deep knowledge of your everyday life can our team at Synergy Integrated Systems create a smart home that exceeds your expectations.

Let’s explore what a day in a smart home might look like, knowing the possibilities are truly endless. 

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Waking Up in an Automated Home

As the sun makes its way over the horizon, your smart home is also waking. It’s adjusting the temperature, warming the towel racks, and preparing your morning coffee. Before you wake, it’s opened the shades and turned on certain lights that echo the color of the sunrise. 

It wakes the kids with their pop playlist while giving you the luxury of rising to your favorite aria. The music comes from nearly invisible in-ceiling speakers, part of your whole-home audio system that brings high-fidelity music to every room.

Leaving for the Day

When you leave, you tap an ‘Away’ button on an elegant keypad by the door. In response, your home closes the shades, turns off the lights, and puts the climate into energy-saving mode. At the same time, it makes sure the doors are locked, turns off the AV equipment, and arms the alarm.

While you’re away, the housekeeper stops by. She enters her code to open the door, and your smart home notifies you that she’s arrived and when she leaves. Did she forget to lock the back door? Your smart home lets you know. You lock the door from your smartphone app and glance at the security camera feed, ensuring all is well.

Arriving Back Home

When you arrive in the evening, your home greets you, turning on the landscape, entryway, and first-floor lights. When you open the door, you hear your relaxing playlist and watch the lights transform to the color of sunset. You’re hosting a dinner party, so you head to the kitchen to prepare. Pressing the ‘Cooking’ button, the lights brighten over the kitchen island. Your freezer has already produced additional ice for your guests.

The music fades, and the TV turns on the evening news. When your guests arrive, pressing ‘Dinner Party’ adjusts the lighting and music to the perfect setting. After everyone leaves, you press ‘Good Night,’ and your smart home goes to sleep with you.

Limitless Possibilities

And that’s just one of the limitless ways your smart home enhances your daily life. Thanks to network security, information technology, computer science, and software engineering, you can be assured of experiencing the ultimate luxury and unprecedented performance in smart home living. To learn more about home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today.

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