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A Day in the Life With Motorized Shades

A woman in a living room looking out picture windows covered by sheer blinds.

Enjoy a Life of Luxury While Managing Daylight

The beauty of sunlight streaming through a window, the last rays of the sun sinking below the horizon, the full moon as it rises in the east—these are but a few of the many ways the natural light of the world shapes our lives, creating moments that stay with us long after they’re gone. And yet, how often do we truly experience them? 

In the rush of our everyday lives, we rarely take the time to manually raise and lower our window coverings. When direct sunlight brings the UV rays that damage our home’s interior, we close them, and there they remain. 

Motorized shades change that. These smart window treatments offer much more than one-touch control from anywhere. They automatically raise and lower throughout the day based on preset scenes and programming. They make sure you never miss those breathtaking moments that nature provides.

Let’s see how it’s done and how these window coverings transform the everyday into the miraculous in Raleigh, NC.

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The Day Begins

The day starts with your shades rising with the first morning light, gently nudging you awake. When you head to the kitchen for your first cup of coffee or tea, your window coverings have already opened, letting you look upon another beautiful North Carolina day.

When you head into the home office, you press the ‘Work’ button on an elegant custom-engraved keypad. In response, certain shades adjust while you’re deep in work, keeping the glare off the computer screen while letting in the diffuse light of the sun.

Heading Out

When you leave, you tell your smart home ‘Goodbye,’ and it lowers every window covering. If you’ve integrated smart lighting and security, it can also turn off the lights and lock the doors. Knowing you’ll be gone for a while, you meant to raise the shades where Fido looks out the window, patiently, or not so patiently, awaiting your return. You pull up an app on your mobile device, and with one tap, it’s done.

Returning Home

While you’re gone, the shades raise and lower, a security measure that makes your home look occupied. When you return, the sun is just above the horizon, and the west-facing shades are slowly opening, timed to rise so you never miss another beautiful sunset. The shades facing the street have closed, ensuring your privacy. 

You’re having friends over for dinner, so you tap the ‘Entertain’ button, and the shades facing your backyard open to reveal an enchanting oasis created by your stunning landscape lighting.

Creating the Perfect Environment

These mesmerizing motorized window coverings also enhance your home’s design. With over 1,500 materials and fabrics carefully selected from leading manufacturers around the world, there’s the perfect addition to your home’s aesthetics. They also come in eight styles, including roller and Roman shades, Venetian and horizontal sheer blinds, draperies, and tension shades designed for unique windows, such as skylights.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities? At Synergy Integrated Systems, we help our valued clientele elevate their daily lives and experience luxury living at its best. To learn more about motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today.

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