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Smart Devices Versus a Smart Home Installation

A bedroom with a lit fireplace, in-ceiling speakers, and a TV displaying the Control4 platform.

Explore the Incredible Lifestyle Living in a Smart Home Offers

Have you been considering a smart home installation in your Raleigh, NC, home? You’re definitely not alone. Over 43% of U.S. homes actively used at least one smart device in 2022, and that number is expected to reach over 75% by 2028. Living in a smart home, however, is much different from using a smart device. Let’s explore their differences and why there’s a surge in demand for home automation.

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A Smart Home Device

Some of the most popular smart devices include speakers, thermostats, and lighting. People turn to these devices for the convenience, energy efficiency, and unique features they offer. Generally, each device requires an app to control it, resulting in users managing their various smart devices from different platforms.

Life In a Smart Home

A smart home places all your disparate devices and systems under the control of one home automation platform. These systems not only connect to a user-friendly platform but also to each other, creating unprecedented ease of use and enhancing everyday life in ways once unimaginable. 

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we design, install, and program your smart home to create the ideal ambiance for each activity and perform everyday routines automatically. While each smart home looks very different in light of our clients’ unique lifestyles, there’s one commonality. They’re amazed at how smart home living has changed their lives. 

A Day in the Life of Smart Home Living

You wake to the perfect temperature as shades rise to bring in the early morning light. You hear your 'Wake-Up' playlist softly streaming through the bedroom while the kids wake to their energizing pop tunes. In the bathroom, the lighting reflects the natural light outdoors, the towel racks are heated, and the water’s prewarmed.

You head to the kitchen and press the ‘Good Morning’ button on a custom-engraved keypad. The lights throughout the home adjust to pre-programmed settings, the local newscaster pops up on the TV, and the alarm disarms. 

When you leave for the day, you press ‘Away,’ and the lights dim, the temperature adjusts, the shades lower, the doors lock, and any audio-video equipment turns off. A few friends are stopping by for dinner, so before you leave work, you pull up the app and press ‘Entertain.’ Your home prepares itself for you and your guests, setting the lights to a soft amber, streaming a playlist through the home, adjusting the temperature, turning on the spa, and igniting the gas fireplace. 

Programmed for Perfection

This level of automation is only possible when managed by today’s state-of-the-art home automation systems. Due to their complexity, these systems are only available through certified dealers. Installation requires knowing how to integrate and program every device so that, with one touch, your home responds exactly as you intend it to. 

At Synergy Integrated Systems, it’s also about providing long-term support and keeping up-to-date on continuous technological advancements. It’s knowing that our clients receive the best service and that we continually exceed their expectations. To learn more about the nearly limitless options in smart home automation, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today.

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