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7 Everyday Ways You’ll Use Lutron Remote Light Control


Illuminate Your Chapel Hill Home—Even If You Aren’t There!

Lutron lighting control lets users turn on every light with one press of a button—or voice command! Whether you use the Lutron app, Pico remote, or a sleek wall keypad, you can turn on entire rooms and set lighting just as you like it. Not too bright, not too dim, and a comfortable color temperature.

Unlike other smart bulbs that rely on a Bluetooth at-home connection, Lutron’s smart lighting systems let you control lights, shades, and thermostats from anywhere in the world.

You may be thinking, do I really need that? But Lutron remote lighting control proves to be incredibly handy. Below, we highlight seven moments that call for smart lighting, whether you’re in the driveway of your Chapel Hill, NC home or hundreds of miles away.

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Mimic a Full House with ‘Mockupancy’

If you’re leaving the house vacant while you’re traveling, you might worry about it looking dark and vulnerable to burglars. So even if you’re exploring Europe or driving up the West Coast, you can toggle your house’s lights and shades on and off from your Lutron app. Lutron even lets you set a schedule, so your landscape lights turn on every day at sunset and drapes close automatically, as if someone’s home.

Returning Home Late at Night

Do you nervously check over your shoulder when you come home to a pitch-black house? Or maybe you struggle to find your keys to enter after dark. Next time you’re out, before you’ve even left for home, open your Lutron app and turn on the house’s lights. Now there’s nothing to fear!

Clearly View Surveillance Footage

If you receive an alert from your security system, you’ll want to pull up surveillance camera footage right away. But what if your property is dark, and you can’t see anything? With Lutron, you can swiftly turn on the lights to see live footage better. And when you incorporate Lutron lighting into a smart system like Elan, your lights and security cameras are accessible from the same app, so you won’t have to switch apps to control both.

Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

If it’s 2 a.m. and you need a drink of water downstairs, you may find yourself stumbling through the house in the dark. Even if you flick on the hallway lights, you’ll be disoriented with spots in your vision. Lutron lets you turn on the lights you need from bed and once you’re back in the bedroom, turn them off.

Hosting a Backyard Party

While you’re out back by the pool and grilling with friends, reach for your phone and turn on the landscape lighting, even turning them to fun colors. If it’s gotten dark, turn on the interior lights for anyone that needs to grab food or go to the bathroom.

Forgot to Turn Your Lights Off?

Suppose you’ve rushed out of the house and accidentally left lights on. No worries! Simply open your Lutron or Elan app and turn them off. The app uses icons to clearly show what lights and rooms are on or off, so you can easily manage your lighting.

Goodnight, Lutron

When you’re already cozy in bed, it can feel so hard to pry yourself out from under the covers and turn off the lights. You’ll love being able to tell your voice assistant to them off or simply tap the room off from your phone.

Want to learn more about Lutron remote light control? Are you interested in a lighting system for your North Carolina home? Contact Synergy Integrated Systems here for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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