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Experience a Day in the Life with Lutron Lighting Control

A well-lit home with numerous outdoor seating areas and various light fixtures.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

There was a time when we lived by the changing light of the natural world. We woke when the sun rose over the horizon and lived by firelight when darkness fell. Today, we experience 24/7 illumination. Flip a switch, and light fills a room. 

Lutron lighting control offers a different approach, managing light intuitively throughout the day. Let’s explore how your life transforms one day at a time with this powerful system. When integrated into your Raleigh, NC, home, you’ll discover ease, enhanced moods, and profound appreciation.

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Greeting the Morning

Though it changes daily, your lighting system reacts to the rising sun. As it appears over the horizon, the system gets to work. The motorized shades slowly rise, letting in the morning sunlight a little at a time. The outside security and landscape lights turn off, while soft lighting illuminates the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. 

In the kitchen, you enjoy your latte amidst lighting resembling the natural light outside. The shades open in perfect synchronicity, letting you look at another beautiful North Carolina day. When you head to the bedroom to prepare for the day ahead, you press the ‘Dressing’ button on an elegant keypad. In the dressing room, the lights transform. In the bathroom, they brighten.

Settling Into the Home Office

As you walk into the home office, the task and ambient lights illuminate, taking on a white hue with blue tones. This lighting prompts focused attention while increasing your energy. When the sunlight causes a glare on the computer screen, you tell your voice assistant to lower the shades. In response, the lights brighten, maintaining the perfect illumination.

Dusk Arrives

You head out to the living room as the day ends. The west-facing shades remain open, allowing you to view a stunning sunset, while the rest of the window coverings close for privacy. The lighting throughout your home has taken on a soft amber hue, a cue to your body that it’s time to relax.

Preparing for Dinner

In the kitchen, you press the ‘Cooking’ button. Undercabinet and recessed ceiling lights offer the ideal lighting for preparing a meal. When you press the ‘Dining’ button, the lights dim, and the pendant lights over the island brighten. When you and the family head to the media room, tapping ‘Movie Night’ causes the blackout shades to lower and the lights to switch off.

Time to Retire

When you and your family head to bed, a soft trail of lights illuminates the hall to the bathrooms and bedrooms. Should the little ones have a nightmare in the middle of the night, these same lights brighten to light the way to your bedroom. Once in bed, you say ‘Good Night’ to your smart home. In response, all the shades lower, and the lights dim to darkness.

Creating a Luxurious Lifestyle

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we’re excited to share the transformative power of light available through Lutron lighting control. Our projects are tailored to your needs, elevating your everyday life while creating extraordinary experiences. To learn more about the possibilities with a Lutron lighting control system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Synergy Integrated Systems today. 

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