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Experience Ultimate Convenience And Luxury With Smart Home Solutions


Save money, protect your property, and enjoy quality entertainment with Elan smart home automation.

Imagine a home that is so intuitive that it predicts your daily routines. Discover technology so convenient that it takes care of daily tasks before you can even remember them. Enjoy the perfect temperature, high-definition movies, and pitch-perfect songs from speakers in every room. Your Raleigh, NC home is already a sanctuary, but it can be made even more luxurious with Elan smart home solutions.

It all sounds too good to be true, but we promise it isn’t. It’s the new reality for many homeowners in the Raleigh area! Read on to learn more about how smart home solutions work.

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Comfort And Convenience All In One Place

With smart home solutions from Elan, you don’t have to worry about managing several different remotes or keypads and forgetting which one goes to which device. Elan, a leading smart home automation system, makes it easy by putting everything in one interface – accessible via a smartphone or smart home tablet. With just a few buttons or voice command, you can do so many things. See below!

Save On Utility Bills

Sure, it’s nice to have a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts to your chosen settings during specific times of the day or certain seasons. But by programming your thermostat to turn off at key points, you save energy – which means spending less money on your utility bills each month. Combined with motorized shades, which are thick enough to keep out heat, you can lower the temperature of a room without having to touch the AC. Just touch an icon on your Elan tablet, and the system works automatically to ensure the perfect climate in your home – always!

Enjoy Peak Entertainment

Enjoy all the benefits of going to the theater without the hassle of expensive ticket prices, long lines, and distracting patrons using their cell phones during the feature film. In your very own home theater, complete with a full-size 4K screen and surround sound, you create the perfect environment to watch the latest movies or sporting events. Best of all, because you have your Elan smart device in hand, you’re in charge of everything – the lights, shades, home AV, and much more.

Protect Your Property

Prevent break-ins and porch package thieves! Surveillance cameras and automated locks help you experience real peace of mind. Watch live footage of your property at any time, even if you’re not at home. Lock the doors from the comfort of your bed without getting up to double check. What’s more, setting your smart lighting to turn on and off at certain times gives the impression that the home is occupied, even if you’re on vacation or at work. This tactic helps deter potential intruders.

Install Smart Home Solutions Today

You can’t get smart home solutions like these from Amazon or other home convenience stores. Elan is a sophisticated system that requires expert installation, which Synergy Integrated Systems provides. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation. We are accredited by the Home Technology Association, a certified smart home installation company for homeowners all over the Raleigh area. See how smart home solutions can change your life today.

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