How to Get Started with Smart Home Solutions


Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

What if your home knew when certain things needed to be done? What if you could start your day with shades automatically rising, the thermostat already set to the perfect temperature, and your favorite morning tunes playing over multi-room speakers? With a sophisticated smart home system like Elan, it’s all possible.

But getting started with home automation can be daunting, and you want to make sure you install technology that makes your life easier, not more of a headache. To bring smart home solutions to your Raleigh, NC-area home, we share all you need to know below.

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Choose a System That Can Sync All Your Technology

You may find plug-and-play ‘smart home’ hubs on Amazon or at the store, but these DIY solutions don’t offer total home automation. It isn’t easy to sync multiple technologies and create automated scenes with a DIY hub. For instance, if you want lights to turn on and shades to rise when an alarm goes off, that’s tricky to program with a DIY system.

For ultimate luxury and automation, trust a professional to program and install a smart system like Elan, which is compatible with many other technology brands that you may already own. You’ll enjoy automated ‘scenes’ that perfectly fit your lifestyle—not the other way around.

Professional hardwired solutions don’t rely on Wi-Fi, which is much more dependable. Wireless devices can be incorporated, too; your options are much freer with a high-end system.

Consider Technology You’d Like to Automate & Control

In an Elan smart home, you can connect and merge the following subsystems:

Which will you incorporate in your home?

Find a Smart Home Installer

A sophisticated system like Elan requires an expert installation to sync all your electronics. To program personalized scenes and neatly mount and wire technology, you’ll need to find a local Elan dealer.

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area, Synergy Integrated Systems is accredited by the Home Technology Association as a certified smart home installer. From security to distributed AV and beyond, we can build an automation system that’s both intuitive and fun to use.

Contact our team here to discuss the potential of your new smart home. We look forward to assisting you!

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