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Home Surveillance Camera Installations Provide Security

Image is of a home surveillance camera in the foreground with a house in the background.

Learn more about home surveillance camera systems from Synergy Integrated Systems

Throughout Raleigh, home surveillance systems ensure your and your family's security. Many homeowners consider security camera installations as a way to improve peace of mind. These cameras include high-definition video and enhanced AI analytics, reducing any risk of error or false alarms. They can be either discreetly installed or placed in prominent locations. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we specialize in bringing your Raleigh, North Carolina, dream home to life and making it a safe space you can enjoy!

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Home Surveillance with Synergy Integrated Systems

Today’s home surveillance systems, such as those from, offer real-time monitoring, allowing homeowners to view their property from their smart device, whether home or away. This extra layer of security gives homeowners peace of mind while their surveillance cameras keep issues from arising, such as burglaries and trespassing. 

A feature we offer at Synergy is flexibility for our home surveillance system customers. Compared to other providers, we do not lock our customers into long or endless contracts that are difficult to get out of. Synergy offers homeowners and property owners multiple service plans with the flexibility to add or cancel services as their personal needs change year after year.

Reduced Insurance Costs

One benefit of installing home surveillance is some insurance companies recognize these systems as deterrents to potential threats. Because of this, insurance companies will offer deductions that may lower your insurance price and balance out your monthly payment for our managed security services. Since camera systems provide real-time monitoring, this helps reduce property damage and discourages troublemakers from loitering too long in the area.

Additional Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

Modern security camera brands offer wireless technology that connects to your home Wi-Fi and can send video footage to your smart devices or store it on the cloud. With internet connectivity wherever you travel, homeowners can use smartphone apps, tablets, or computers to monitor their security camera footage in real time from anywhere in the world!

These systems also offer two-way communication, motion detection, and night vision. Two-way communication allows you to speak through the camera app to intruders or visitors within the camera's range. Night vision features allow for visibility in low-light or complete darkness, ensuring you are covered 24/7, regardless of the weather or time of day. Finally, smart motion detectors can tell the difference between regular and suspicious activity, sending you alerts when an intruder is spotted. 

Contact our Certified Installers today!

When integrating new technologies into your smart home, you should work with certified installers who are well-trained in surveillance systems. Partnering with our team at Synergy Integrated Systems is a wise investment for families in Raleigh as we offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to today’s potential surveillance problems. If you want to learn more about integrating security cameras into your home, contact us to speak with our friendly staff today!

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