Home Networking: How It Works & What You Need for Better Internet


Build a Home Network That Provides the Speed & Coverage You Need

You’ve heard of social networks and networking at cocktail hours. But what is a home network?  Nearly everyone has a home network, but when confronted with the term, many are unsure what it really means.

A home network is simply a group of electronics, like computers, smartphones, and gaming systems, that connect to the internet and each other. Most folks set up a router that supplies Wi-Fi to their devices and never think about home networking again. 

But a wireless router is only one component of home networking. And if your Raleigh, NC, home’s Wi-Fi isn’t performing well, upgrading your home network could do wonders for speed and reliability. 

Here’s all you need to know to get started with a home networking upgrade.

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7 Everyday Ways You’ll Use Lutron Remote Light Control


Illuminate Your Chapel Hill Home—Even If You Aren’t There!

Lutron lighting control lets users turn on every light with one press of a button—or voice command! Whether you use the Lutron app, Pico remote, or a sleek wall keypad, you can turn on entire rooms and set lighting just as you like it. Not too bright, not too dim, and a comfortable color temperature.

Unlike other smart bulbs that rely on a Bluetooth at-home connection, Lutron’s smart lighting systems let you control lights, shades, and thermostats from anywhere in the world.

You may be thinking, do I really need that? But Lutron remote lighting control proves to be incredibly handy. Below, we highlight seven moments that call for smart lighting, whether you’re in the driveway of your Chapel Hill, NC home or hundreds of miles away.

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How to Get Started with Smart Home Solutions


Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

What if your home knew when certain things needed to be done? What if you could start your day with shades automatically rising, the thermostat already set to the perfect temperature, and your favorite morning tunes playing over multi-room speakers? With a sophisticated smart home system like Elan, it’s all possible.

But getting started with home automation can be daunting, and you want to make sure you install technology that makes your life easier, not more of a headache. To bring smart home solutions to your Raleigh, NC-area home, we share all you need to know below.

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