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Why DIY Can’t Compare to a Professional Smart Home


The Difference Between Smart Home Hobbyists and Home Automation Companies

So, you want to build a smart home. When you search for smart home products online or visit your local Best Buy, you might find devices like video doorbells, smart speakers, and Wi-Fi-connected thermostats.

But a collection of smart gadgets does not make your house ‘smart.’ After all, it isn’t more efficient to swipe through different apps every time you want to use your technology. And juggling several remotes doesn’t save time for anyone.  

The truth is, building a real smart home is a complex endeavor that requires a solid home network, wiring, and quality equipment to function properly. DIY automation systems often cause more headaches than handiness—and may not seem ‘worth it’ in the end. The key to a sophisticated system is connecting with home automation companies that live and breathe smart technology.

By partnering with a professional, you won’t have to redo or troubleshoot anything, and your smart home will act seamlessly like magic. As a home automation firm based in Raleigh, NC, we’ll share how a professional system makes a difference below!

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All Your Devices Under One System

Do you remember when we all used an MP3 player for music, a cell phone for calling, and a digital camera for pictures? When you’d pack a bag to travel, you’d bring all three devices, plus a guidebook and video camera.

Then came the smartphone, merging audio, calling, texting, photos, GPS, and the internet all in one single device. And now, with features like Apple Pay, your phone may be the only thing you take with you when leaving the house.

A smart home works the same way. All of your house’s subsystems, from security to audio to thermostats, should be controllable from one smart home application. With whole-home integration, you won’t need piles of remotes or different apps on your phone—it should all be connected under one umbrella.  

Systems installed and programmed by a professional will sync all your technologies, even from different manufacturers. Throughout a large home or multiple properties, you can control it all from one app, wall keypads, voice control, or handheld remote, and you are never reliant on a single control method.

Access to Superior Technology

Smart home companies have partnerships with manufacturers that grant access to higher-quality smart home solutions, like Elan and Lutron systems, which are only available through certified dealers. We use enterprise-grade networking solutions in our residential projects, so your internet connection can spread further and handle more devices. A technology integrator has years of experience and knows what solutions work best for specific tasks.

We’re Here to Help 

When you go the DIY route for your smart home, you’re on your own if technology isn’t functioning properly. Of course, you can scour the internet for fixes, but some technology programming is just too complicated for the casual hobbyist.

When you work with a home automation company like Synergy Integrated Systems, we’re only a call away to help troubleshoot your smart system. Maybe you need a firmware upgrade, or perhaps there’s an issue in your equipment rack. We can assist you remotely and in person, and if we installed your system, we’d be familiar with your setup to make changes swiftly.

Ready for the luxury and convenience of a smart home system? Contact Synergy Integrated Systems here for a free consultation, where we’ll discuss your home’s needs to find solutions tailored to your lifestyle. We look forward to hearing from you soon!  

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